Remembering Officer Matthew Gerald: His daughter meets Maren Morris

Officer Matthew Gerald is being remembered three years later. After serving in the military for years, in October 2015, he joined the Baton Rouge Police Department. In July 2016, he was shot and killed in the ambush on Baton Rouge law enforcement. Gerald left behind his wife, Dechia, daughter Fynleigh (pictured below), daughter Dawclyn and son Falyn, who Dechia gave birth to nine months after Matthew's passing.

Fynleigh & her dad

Fynleigh, who was 3-years-old when her father passed away, shared a first and last dance with her father which was Maren Morris' - My Church. Dechia luckily caught that moment on camera.


Maren Morris has been traveling the country with Miranda Lambert on her 'Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars' Tour. When Maren was coming to New Orleans (last week), and Dechia had tickets to the show, she had one mission in mind - to meet Maren Morris. She shared a post on Facebook, and asked if anyone had connections to Maren's people to please let her know. I not only noticed the post, but was contacted about it, so I got to working on this. I just had to get sweet Fynleigh backstage! Well, mission accomplished. We are so glad to be able to do this for her.

Maren Morris, Fyn & Dechia


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