DIY chocolate bouquet just in time for Valentine's Day

Credit: GMA

What you'll need

- Red candies

- Small vase or container

- Stock paper

- Flat chocolate hearts

- Glue stick

- Scissors

- Cookie or lollipop sticks

- Hot glue gun

Fill your vase with candy

Add some festive red candy to your vase or container to serve as the "soil" for your bouquet.

Red gummy candy help the flowers stick.

Attach the chocolate hearts

Using your glue stick, attach your chocolate hearts to your card stock or thick paper in the shape of a flower.

You can place one chocolate heart in the center and treat the rest as the "petals" of your chocolate flower.

Cut your chocolate flower out

Using your scissors, cut out the chocolate hearts that have formed a flower on the paper.

Attach your stem

Take one of your lollipop sticks and attach it to the back of the chocolate flower using a hot glue gun.

How sweet!

Place the flowers in your candy soil and give to a loved one or friend. Happy Valentine's Day!



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