You can get slippers that look just like your dog

Can’t get enough of your pet? Who could blame you? We’ve certainly never met a cat or dog that wasn’t absolutely irresistible! Luckily, there’s a company called Cuddle Clones that understands just how lovable your pet is and understands why you’d want even more versions of him or her around.  — without all of the additional cleanup and vet fees, that is.

Cuddle Clones has created a product that not only looks like your pet, but that will keep you just as warm and snuggly as your actual pet does — in slipper form. That’s right. You can now order a pair of slippers that look exactly like your dog, cat or other household animals.

The customizable product doesn’t come cheap — a pair will run you $199 — but your love for your pet knows no bounds, right? That’s precisely why you need little lookalikes on your feet! Plus, the company donates a portion of its profits to help animals in need



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