Grandparents Matching Outfits Perform TikTok Dances for Grandkids [VIDEOS]

TikTok dance challenges are taking over the app (and the rest of the internet, TBH), with everyone from Ciara to LeBron James participating. But our favourite TikTok entertainers have to be two grandparents who go by "Granmacca" and perform popular choreo for various dance challenges set by their grandkids. Their moves are seriously incredible, but the best part? They wear adorable matching outfits in each video.

For some of the videos, their granddaughters, Paige and Olivia, have commented on how proud they are of their grandma and grandpa. "Awww !!!! I love it !!!!!! I have the best grandparents," Paige wrote on one video. Olivia added in the comments of another: "This is my grandma and grandad! Thank you for showing them all this love they are both thrilled and will be posting more soon."

Keep scrolling to see all the dances their grandkids have challenged them to do so far, and follow them on TikTok to catch their next ones!

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