Need To Let Out Your Frustrations? Try 'Rage Yoga'

I'm pretty sure that when ancient Hindu gurus invented yoga, this isn't how they pictured it. But hey, if it works for you, what the hell...

There's a new unofficial type of yoga called RAGE YOGA . And it involves doing yoga poses while you yell . . . curse . . . and drink.

Their website says it'll help you get, quote, "zen as [eff]."

And one of the instructors says that even though swearing and cursing feels like the opposite of traditional yoga, it has the same end goal . . . to, quote, "let go of your frustration and rage in a healthy way."

There are actual classes for it in Houston and in Alberta, Canada . . . and there are also online classes you can buy at

( CBS 11 - Dallas/Fort Worth )

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