Co-workers surprise woman who walks hours to work

A woman from Tennessee whose mother just passed away ended up crying tears of joy after her boss teamed up with her co-workers to buy her a new car.

Linda Walton would have to take a two-hour bus ride for some 30 miles, and then go on a 40-minute walk to get to her job every day. Despite the long commute, Walton has never missed a day in the two months she has been with the company.

Linda’s co-workers discovered her six-hour-long round trip commute to work when another employee took Walton home one day. Her boss and her co-workers at Pristine Clean and Organizational Services all pitched in to buy a used 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix. They also covered her first month of car insurance and money for gas.

Before the group surprised her with the car in her driveway, they also paid for new tires, and an oil change. Her boss explained they were motivated to do something nice for Linda because, 'She is a great human being. If you were to know Miss Linda, you would want to do this for her. She has a huge heart. The determination she has to come to work — who wouldn't want to reward someone like that?'

An emotional video shows Linda breaking down and giving each of her colleagues a big hug after the surprise.  

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